Banchile Asesoría Financiera S.A.(Banchile Citi Global Markets)) is a branch of Banco de Chile, the country´s largest and oldest private bank. This branch was created in 1988 as a result of the need in the Chilean marketplace for specialized and modern financial services to accompany and incentivate the economic growth of the country.

Banedwards S.A. Asesoría Financiera, in turn, became the country´s first Investment Banking business when it was created in 1986, and since then it has led the local Investment Banking scene, with success in over 400 different types
of operations, supported by a team of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated entirely to the Investment Banking business.

Following the merger of Banco de Chile and Banco Edwards, in the year 2002 the merging of Banchile Asesoría Financiera S.A. and Banedwards Asesoría Financiera S.A. was carried out, prioritising the business areas which had been developed by Banedwards. Thus, through the success of a variety of operations, this branch has become the most important Investment Banking business in the local market. Also in 2008, after the fusion of Bank of Chile and Citigroup, Banchile Global Citi Markets is created.

Today, more than ever, supporting this nation´s development under the solid corporative image of Banco de Chile, Banchile Citi Global Markets, offers its clients all the prestige and experience of a leading institution, that aims to
provide top level financial services with creative and effective solutions for each individual case, focusing on the following business areas:

> Mergers and Acquisitions
> Syndicate loans
> Passive restructuring
> Special financing
> Critical cases
> Capital contributions
> International business
> Incorporation of a strategic partner