How can I make use of Banchile Citi Global Markets?

Since the bank deals with transactions that require personalized, specific and confidential services, feel free to visit our offices located at Av. Andrés Bello 2687, on the six Floor in Las Condes - Santiago or contact our specialist team directly in the Contact Us page or at the telephone numbers (56-2) 653 5207ó (56-2) 338 8511.

How much do Asesoría Financiera de Banchile services cost and/or what other fees do they include?
The advice we provide is individualized and customized to each clients' needs. As a consequence to this, there is no fixed price for these services. The cost will depend on our clients' characteristics and requirements. Normally, the structured cost can be divided into fixed costs for any study carry out and a variable cost for the success obtained through the guidance service.

What must I do to hire Banchile Asesoría Financiera’s services?
1. Contact any of our executives by any of the means previously mentioned. You can then set up an interview to obtain a global vision of the objectives as well as the specific operations to be used.
2. Banchile Citi Global Markets analyses if the approach is competent for the business and also analyses the feasibility of the operation and the posibilities of obtaining positive results for each party.
3. Banchile Citi Global Markets designs the strategy that manages the path to follow to reach the expected results, by presenting a written proposal of the procedures to be used in terms of duration, costs and required information as well as other details.
4. Upon acceptance by the client the guidance service is formalized through a mandate between the parties.

Is there a predefined type or size of activity that is best sulted to a financial guidance?

Since each guidance service is done individually to meet each clients' needs, an interview is necessary to analyze the details as well as the combined characteristics for the operation in order to evaluate the viability of carrying out this activity.